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JOURNAL: 2019, 8, p. 91-102

AUTHOR: R.I. Bakin, A.V. Zaryanov, E.A. Ilichev, A.A. Kiselev, S.N. Krasnoperov, V.P. Merkushov, D.A. Pripachkin, A.V. Shikin


The article summarizes the main results in the development of source term assessment software for atmospheric releases of radioactive substances during dismantlement or demolition of contaminated buildings and structures. The software allows to give consideration to some physical features of the term source formation given some actual scenarios of demolition or dismantlement technological process. These include formation of aerosols and dust caused by dropped materials, formation of aerosols due to contaminated materials cutting, release suppressing by fixatives, etc. The software application allows to calculate the amount of activity released into the environment, as well as the characteristics of the particle spectrum depending on the diameter. This data can be used as input one for the transport module of computational and forecasting software being designed to address the task of ensuring radiation safety of nuclear power facilities both during their operation and decommissioning, including the assessment of atmospheric release parameters, modeling of atmospheric transport of radioactive substances, estimation of radiation situation parameters and the decision making on the necessity and effectiveness of countermeasures.

Keywords: source term assessment, dismantling and destruction of buildings, radiation situation, atmospheric transport models, safety case for nuclear power facilities.


Bakin R.I., Zaryanov A.V., Ilichev E.A., Kiselev A.A., Krasnoperov S.N., Merkushov V.P., Pripachkin D. A., Shikin A.V. Source Term Assessment Software for Atmospheric Releases of Radioactive Gases and Aerosols during Dismantlement or Demolition of Buildings and Structures with Radioactive Contamination. Radioactive Waste, 2019, no. 3(8), pp. 91—102. DOI: 10.25283/2587-9707-2019-3-91-102. (In Russian).

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