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AUTHOR: M.V. Radchenko, L.A. Kormilitsyna, Y.I. Matyunin, V.G. Mogulyan


A number of acts in the field of the radioactive waste (RW) management are adopted in the Russian Federation; they allow rethinking the solutions that are in use now and proposing new ones that are more economically efficient and take into account all basic costs of life cycle related to management of RW generated at enterprises operating radiation-hazardous productions. The in-force Russian regulatory framework allows proposing general technical and economic approaches to multi-purpose protective packages for storage, transportation and final isolation of radioactive waste. The analysis of technical and economic characteristics of RW packages given in the present article is based on a long-term experience of JSC Engineering Center of Nuclear Containers on development, manufacturing and application of the unified series of packing sets for transportation, storage and disposal of radioactive waste of various classes (specific activities).

Keywords: NPP, HLW, acceptance criteria, multi-purpose casks, LLW, radioactive waste, ILW, disposal fee, RW specific activity


Radchenko M. V., Kormilitsyna L. A., Matyunin J. I., Mogulyan V. G. Multi-Purpose Packages for Radioactive Waste // Radioactive waste. — 2017. — 1. — pp. 52—59.

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