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JOURNAL: 2018, 4, p. 60-68

AUTHORS: Y.G. Mokrov, A.I. Alexakhin

Karachay Lake (Reservoir V-9), which was an open surface storage reservoir for liquid radioactive wastes produced by the FSUE Mayak PA, was characterized in the paper as a significant source of contamination for the atmosphere and for the underground hydrosphere. Radiation risks were considered of long-term safe operation of Reservoir V-9 as a site of special RW disposal. Fundamental problems were described as well as the sequence of work activities on the reservoir closure by filling in its water area with hollow blocks and rocky ground in conditions of extremely high level of radiation exposure. Development and justification of the technological process and rate of the water area closure under circumstances of increased water level required to work out a comprehensive set of mathematical models for filtration and geomigration on the basis of long-term hydrological and hydrogeological monitoring. Principal directions of the radioecological monitoring were considered in the period of implementation of the reservoir water area closure activities and afterwards. Radiation and radioecological monitoring data obtained in the period of the open water area operation and after its closure help obtain valuable information on the formation of water aerosol above the water surface and on the intensity of radionuclide carry-over from the water area. It was demonstrated that the results of comprehensive monitoring are essential to ensure safety in all stages of operation of such a unique object as Karachay Lake (Reservoir V-9).
Key words: reservoir V-9, Karachay, storage of liquid radioactive waste (LRW), closure of surface LRW storage site, monitoring of radionuclide contamination, ensuring safety for special radioactive waste storage facility sit.


Mokrov Yu. G., Alexakhin A. I. Monitoring as the Basis for Ensuring Safety of Karachay Lake Closure Implementation. Radioactive Waste, 2018, no. 3 (4), pp. 60—68. (In Russian).

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