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The main goal is to make a summary and conclusions of a paper published in the journal available for a broad non-Russian speaking audience. English-language summary of papers and transliterated list of references will be reflected in the above mentioned databases and should inform the English-speaking readers about the contents of the papers. Therefore, it is in the interest of the authors to pay a special attention to these sections and ensure their quality.

The rules for preparation of submitting manuscripts take into account the recommendations and standards of the Committee on Publication Ethics and valuable experience of international journals and publishers on preparation of periodicals for inclusion into international citation databases Scopus and Web of Science Core Collection.

General parameters

Papers to be submitted to the journal shall contain original, previously unpublished material and shall comply with the following criteria: conformance to the subject of the journal, scientific novelty and practical applicability.

The submissions shall be in electronic files in MS Word format (Word 1997-2010) on electronic media or by e-mail. Permission for an open publication of the manuscript shall be attached to the submission.

The volume of the manuscript (including text, figures, tables, references and English language part) shall not exceed 40 000 typographical units.

Illustrations (in JPG, TIFF, PDF format) shall be submitted in separate files with indication of figure number in the file name, whilst the original submission shall contain illustrations in due places with relevant captions. If the original diagrams and files with input data are available, it is recommended to attach these to the submission to allow making all illustrations in a single format.

The preferred file formats are as follows: for graphical plots and diagrams — Microsoft Excel (*.xls), Windows Metafile (*.wmf) or Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps), for photos and figures — JPEG (*.jpg), TIFF (*.tif), Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps), the actual photos (figures) shall have a resolution of at least 300 dpi in RGB or Grayscale colour models.

SI units shall be used for physical values. Commas shall be used in decimals. Formulae shall be typed using MathType software of 6. versions. Footnotes numbering shall be continuous.

Figures, tables, diagrams, photos shall be submitted with indication of their origin (or shall be original).

Paper structure

The paper shall be divided into a number of sections.

I. Information about the paper in Russian:

     paper name (in lower case);


     information about the author(s) in Russian: full name, scientific degree (if any), position, address of the author (s) [organization(s) that the author(s) represent(s), full address of the organization(s), e-mail of all or one of the authors];

     information on the funding source for research;

     summary (up to 600 symbols);

     keywords (up to 10).

II. Paper text

Acknowledgments shall be given in the end of the text, first in Russian, then in English.

III. References

References shall be numbered continuously in the order they appear in the text of the paper. References in the text, tables and figure captions shall be numbered in arabic numerals [in square brackets], specific pages shall be indicated if applicable. Only general footnotes (comments, additions) shall have continuous numbering. References relevant only to tables or figure captions shall be numbered in accordance with the order of their appearance in the text of a specific table or figure. References used are given in original language in accordance with GOST 7.0.5—2008.

For a correct reference to the paper its bibliographic description in Russian shall be provided.

IV. Information about the paper in English:

      name (lower case letters in translation into English);

      information about the author(s) in English: full name, scientific degree (if any), position, address of the author (s) [organization(s) that the author(s) represent(s), full address of the organization(s), e-mail of all or one of the authors];

      information on the funding source for research;

      executive summary (in English) (about 300 words);

      keywords (in English) (up to 10 words);

      references used are given in Latin letters (English, French, German and other language references in original wording, Russian - in English translation);

      bibliographic description of the paper in English.

The responsibility for correctness of bibliographic sources and their English translation remains with the author.

Requirements to summaries

      1. Summary shall be informative (no general statements), reflect the contents of the article, describe the main goals and methods of research, summarize the most important results and their scientific value, and shall be structured in the same manner as the paper.

      2. Russian summary may be compact (one paragraph, up to 600 symbols).

      3. In the light of new standards, English language summary is of specific importance. It shall be fairly detailed (average volume - 250-300 words), written in good English using specific English terms relevant to the subject. General, non-substantive words expanding the text shall be avoided. English-language summary shall be original, word-by-word translation of the Russian summary is unacceptable.

 Requirements to text structure

The majority of international scientific journals present the following requirements to the structure of the paper describing the research, including the following sections: introduction (materials and methods), results and discussion, conclusions.

The editorial board of the journal supports these requirements, but is also ready to accept texts structured in accordance with specific paper features given that it has limited scope and the sections have clear names.

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