Scientific and technical journal
ISNN 2587-9707


The goal of the scientific and technical journal:

increase the RW management efficiency by establishment of a national scientific and informational platform.


The Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The type of journal:

peer reviewed journal, the journal is planned to be issued in Russian and English at least 4 times a year.

The topics of journal:

  • disposal of radioactive waste: siting, design, construction, safety case for disposal facilities, organization of radiation monitoring, public communication issues;
  • safety of non-rertrivable radioactive waste storage facilities; characterization of radioactive waste storage and conservation facilities, projects on conservation, radiation monitoring, technologies and equipment for conservation of nonrertrivable RW storage facilities.
  • management of radioactive waste generated in the process of nuclear facility decommissioning;
  • technology of radioactive waste management: minimization of generation, collection, processing and conditioning of radioactive waste; new installations for radioactive waste management, operational experience, methods and equipment for radioactive waste characterization;
  • technology of radioactive waste transportation: containers and packages for conditioning and disposal of radioactive waste; transport and transport-packaging containers and systems, radioactive waste transportation solutions and experience;
  • system for state accounting and control of radioactive waste;
  • issues of regulatory support of radioactive waste management.


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