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JOURNAL: 2019, 3 (8), p. 36-43

AUTHORS: A.A. Samoylov, D.F. Ilyasov


Changes in RW management practice that occurred under new conditions established following the enactment of the Federal Law “On RW Management” [1] have prompted the efforts on finding the main issues, as well as choosing the best ways to solve them. So far this task has been addressed in particular practical areas to improve the efficiency of particular RW management stages. At the same time, due to technological interrelation at different RW management stages balanced decisions on issues having conflicting effects on several RW management stages at once are to be made. Under holistic approach, it seems essential to form a criterion indicating the efficiency of the system in general taking into account all RW management stages. The article is focused on the development of solutions enabling to evaluate the efficiency of the Unified State System (USS) for RW management with due account of the technological interrelations at different RW management stages..

Keywords: radioactive waste (RW), stages of RW management, the USS RW efficiency


Samoylov .., Ilyasov D.F. On the Issue of RW Management Efficiency. Radioactive Waste, 2019, no. 3 (8), p. 36—43. DOI: 10.25283/2587-9707-2019-3-36-43. (In Russian)

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