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JOURNAL: 2017, ¹1, p. 75-85

AUTHORS: M.V. Radchenko, L.A. Kormilitsyna, Y.I. Matyunin, V.G. Mogulyan


The Russian Federation adopted a number of enactments in the field of radioactive waste (RAW) management that allow reconsidering currently used solutions and applying the most cost-effective, considering all basic life cycle costs when managing RAW streams, emerging as a result of the activity of organizations operating radiation-hazardous production facilities. The by now established Russian regulatory and legal framework reasonably proposes general technical and economic approaches to multipurpose shielding packages for storage, transportation and final disposal of radioactive wastes. The analysis of technical and economic parameters given in this article for RAW packages considers many years of experience of Engineering Center for Nuclear Containers, JSC in development, manufacturing, and application of the standardized range of packaging sets for transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive wastes of various categories (specific activities).

Keywords: NPP, HLW, acceptance criteria, multipurpose casks, LLW, radioactive waste, ILW, tariff for disposal, RAW specific activity


Radchenko M.V., Kormilitsyna L. A., Matyunin Ju. I., Mogulyan V. G. Multi-purpose Packages for Radioactive Waste // Radioactive Waste. — 2017. — ¹ 1. — pp. 74—84. (In Russian).

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