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JOURNAL: 2022, 20, p. 30-36

AUTHORS: N.A. Kuznetsova, O.A. Sakhnenko


The paper presents the results of fiberglass filter paper decontamination. The study establishes that nitric acid solutions provide fairly complete extraction of target element from the filter material. Three-fold ultrasonic treatment of fiberglass filter paper resulted in 98 % Pu transfer into solution. The study shows that the developed decontamination method provides sufficiently complete recycling of the target component under the process flow chart and prevents nuclear material release into the environment at further radioactive waste management stages under long-term storage conditions. The study demonstrates that ultrasonic treatment implemented under the considered process of Pu recycling from spent fiberglass filter paper yields 3-fold decrease in the time of the dissolution process in nitric acid solution with an addition of fluoride-ion.

Keywords: radioactive waste, decontamination, regeneration, radioactive decontamination, alpha-radionuclides, filter element, fiberglass filter paper, purification grade, ultrasound, ultrasonic bat.


Kuznetsova N. A., Sakhnenko O. A. Decontamination of fiberglass filter paper. Radioactive Waste, 2022, no. 3 (20), pp. 30—36. DOI: 10 25283/2587-9707-2022-3-30-36. (In Russian).

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