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  1. Article Submission and Application. “Application Form” (Appendix 1) signed by all co-authors of the article should be submitted to the editorial office. The application should be accompanied by a conflict of interest disclosure statement or a declaration by the authors that they do not have any conflicts of interest to declare. By submitting the application, authors of the article confirm their agreement with provisions and requirements adopted by the publisher. If several authors contributed to the article, then the application shall indicate the corresponding author responsible for the integrity of the work as a whole and handling all the correspondence with the editor.
  2. Defining Authorship. Individuals that have directly contributed to the article, namely, those who have written, revised or introduced some corrections to the paper, as well as those responsible for the integrity of the manuscript as a whole are recognized as authors. Any individuals who have contributed to the article by providing technical and formatting-related writing assistance can be indicated in “Acknowledgments” section. The number of co-authors should be defined reasonably with no restrictions being imposed on their number in case of original articles and should be limited to 3-4 authors in case of overview articles. To assume common responsibility for relevant section of the article, each author should take a significant part in the work. Authorship order should be approved based on a joint decision of all the co-authors.
  3. Conflict of Interests. Any situation potentially affecting the authors of the article and leading to non-disclosure, underreporting or changes in data interpretation can be considered as a conflict of interests. A conflict of interests with one or more authors does not preclude publication. If disagreements arise regarding data analysis or its interpretation, authors should submit a manuscript describing both points.
  4. Duplicate publication and plagiarism. Articles published in the Journal must not have been published previously or be currently under consideration or review elsewhere. Submitted articles are checked for originality using special software tools. Matching content of over 30% is considered unacceptable.
  5. Multiple publications. When submitting the article, the author (authors) should provide information about all previous submissions of this article for publication and previous presentations (reports), which can be considered as multiple or duplicate publications of the same work. The new publication should mention and refer to these materials.
  6. Copyright. By submitting the application and article manuscripts to the Journal, the authors agree that upon making publishing decision, they assign the Journal’s editorial office with exclusive and unlimited right to use the article materials at no cost (exclusive, unlimited and free license) in the Russian Federation and abroad given the below limitations and scope:

- publication of article materials in paper or electronic format, their distribution on-line both under open and paid access conditions, feeding the article metadata or its full text into various indexing databases and depositories;

- reproduction of one or more copies of the article or its part in any material form, including electronic media;

- distribution of the article or its part by sale or implying other transfer of the authentic manuscript or its copies;

- public display of the article or its part, i.e. any display of the original article or its copy directly either on a screen using available technical means in a public access area or at a venue with a large number of people, irrespectively of whether the materials are perceived at the venue or elsewhere concurrently with the display of these materials;

- export of the article or its parts, the original manuscripts or their copies for distribution or other legal purposes either on a fee or free-of-charge basis;

- translation of the manuscript;

- publication of the manuscript or its part in various collections of scientific and technical articles;

- full or partial granting the aforesaid rights to third parties (individuals and legal entities) either on a fee or free-of-charge basis.

6.1. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the materials submitted for publication. If inaccurate information is identified, the editorial office is eligible to publish a “Disclaimer” or “Editorial comment”.

6.2. References should be provided to original sources of any previously published materials (pictures, photographs, diagrams, drawings, etc.) used in the manuscript.

6.3. If previously unpublished materials (pictures, photographs, diagrams, drawings, etc.) are used in the manuscript, written consent from the copyright owner should be provided.

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