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Application for the publication of an article in the Scientific and Technical Journal Radioactive Waste is submitted by its author/authors to the editorial office of the Journal together with the manuscript and a set of documents necessary to make the publishing decision (relevant documents are listed in the Rules for Scientific papers), namely, the application should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief.

The application is written in free form.

The application should provide the following information:

- title of the article and the list of its authors presented in an order being jointly approved by them;

- information about each author: full name, surname and middle name; academic degree; position; name and address of the organization; e-mail; phone number;

- a statement submitted to the editor about all previous publications and submissions of the article which may be considered as repeated publications of the same or very similar work;

- conflict of interest disclosure statement or a declaration about having no conflicts of interest to declare;

- a statement confirming that the article has been read and approved by all its authors and that the authors are confident that the manuscript reflects the work that has been actually done;

- name, address and phone number of the corresponding author responsible for correspondence/communication with other authors regarding the publication of the manuscript, including article revisions and the final approval of the article proofreading.

Consent on the manuscript publication in the media should be attached to the application.

The application may be submitted online granted the signature of the authors.

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