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Full name: Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science, Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Short name: IBRAE RAS

Legal and mailing address: Russian Federation, 115191, Moscow, Bolshaya Tulskaya St., 52,

Bank details

TIN 7726077310

RRC 772601001

Federal treasury department (FTD) of Moscow (IBRAE RAS)

Customer account 2073658740

RF Central Bank Main Branch of the Central Federal District

Transaction account 40501810845252000079

BIC 044525000

BCC 00000000000000000130


Russian National Nomenclator of Businesses and Organizations - OKPO 05814813

Primary State Registration Number - PSRN 1027700196468

Russian Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities - OKVED 72.19

All Russian Classifier of Administrative Territorial Entities - OKATO 45296561000

Russian National Classification of Municipalities - OKTMO 45915000

All-Russian Classifier of Public Authorities - OKOGU 1330612

Russian National Classifier of Ownership Patterns - OKFS 12

All-Russian Classification of Business Structures - OKOPF 75103

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