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Peer-reviewed scientific and technical journal Radioactive Waste is a periodical focused on the issues associated with the safe management of radioactive waste. It presents original articles on various aspects of radioactive waste management, overviews and reviews on new books.
The purpose of the scientific and technical journal is to improve the efficiency and safety of radioactive waste management via the establishment of a national-wide scientific information resource.


Journal founder: Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Publisher: Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
ISSN: 2587-9707
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Topics considered in the Journal:
- RW disposal: waste emplacement, design development, construction and disposal safety demonstration and feasibility studies, acceptance criteria for RW disposal;
- safety of RW storage facilities: comprehensive engineering and radiation surveys, conservation projects, monitoring, technologies and equipment enabling the conservation of storage facilities for non-retrievable (so called “special”) RW;
- RW management technologies: minimization of waste generation including the stages of nuclear decommissioning, RW processing and conditioning; new facilities, operational experience;
- containers and transportation of radioactive waste;
- system of state accounting and control;
- regulatory support for radioactive waste management.

The main sections of the Journal:
- Development of the Unified State System for Radioactive Waste Management;
- Radioactive waste disposal;
- Processing, conditioning and transportation of radioactive waste;
- Models enabling to evaluate the safety of RW disposal facilities;
- Matrices for radioactive waste immobilization and processing;
- Management of special (non-retrievable) radioactive waste;
- Research performed at the sites of radioactive waste disposal facilities;
- Research in the underground research laboratory.

The major language of the journal is Russian, the title, information about the authors, abstract, keywords, references are translated into English. The Journal’s website hosts an electronic version in English.
The "Radioactive Waste" Journal was included on the list of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).
Prefix of the Edition in DOI 10.25283 / 2587-9707
The journal is published in a printed form four times per year comprising some 100–150 pages of material with an identical full-text electronic version, which, after the printed version is published, is posted on the websites of the scientific electronic libraries eLIBRARY.RU and on the Journal’s website.

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