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 The “Radioactive Waste” journal accepts publications on the following topics in the field of RW management:

— disposal of radioactive waste: siting, design, construction, safety case for disposal facilities, organization of radiation monitoring, public communication issues;
— safety of non-rertrivable radioactive waste storage facilities; characterization of radioactive waste storage and conservation facilities, projects on conservation, radiation monitoring, technologies and equipment for conservation of nonrertrivable RW storage facilities.
— management of radioactive waste generated in the process of nuclear facility decommissioning;
— technology of radioactive waste management: minimization of generation, collection, processing and conditioning of radioactive waste; new installations for radioactive waste management, operational experience, methods and equipment for radioactive waste characterization;
— technology of radioactive waste transportation: containers and packages for conditioning and disposal of radioactive waste; transport and transport-packaging containers and systems, radioactive waste transportation solutions and experience;
— system for state accounting and control of radioactive waste;
— issues of regulatory support of radioactive waste management.
Please note that the new journal is a peer – reviewed scientific journal. Submission of articles to the editorial office of such journal for publication does not imply their automatic publication. The materials of all articles are considered by the editorial Board of the journal, which in turn will focus on the existing requirements of the Ministry of education and science.

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