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Home Archive of journals 4 (21), December 2022 (in Russian)

4 (21), DECEMBER 2022 (IN RUSSIAN)

 4 (21), December 2022 (in Russian)

In this issue of the Journal you can read (in Russian):

  • about methodological support for monitoring compliance with quality indicators of a polymer compound based on radioactive spent resins;
  • about results of computational and experimental studies on the long-term safety justification of deep disposal facilities for LRW;
  • about underground research facility: findings from 12-year GNSS observations of modern crust movements;
  • about formation of atmospheric air contamination with tritium above the water areas of industrial water bodies,

and about recent scientific researches on processing, conditioning, transportation, disposal of radioactive waste, international cooperation.

Sections of this issue:

  • Processing, conditioning and transportation of radioactive waste
  • Disposal of radioactive waste
  • Models and software for the safety analisis of radioactive waste disposial facilities
  • Research at the underground research facility site
  • Radioactive waste management during nuclear decommissioning
  • Research activities at radioactive waste disposal sites
  • News

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