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JOURNAL: 2024, 2 (27), p. 18-25

AUTHORS: A.A. Rykunova, O.V. Shmidt, V.A. Kashcheev, A.Y. Shadrin, L.R. Fairushina, I.R. Makeyeva


The paper presents the algorithms introduced to calculate the minimum allowable volume of vitrified high-level radioactive waste (HLW) in accordance with the current Russian regulations for glass-like matrix materials. This study presents the volumes of vitrified RW generated from the reprocessing of different spent nuclear fuel types (BR-1200, BREST-300, VVER-1000) calculated in the Vizart software package. The developed algorithm can be used to calculate the volume of immobilized waste forms assuming the use of different matrix materials such as borosilicate glass, aluminophosphate glass, cement and ceramics. If necessary, the algorithm can be adjusted with an account taken of the requirements for the matrix material quality.

Keywords: radioactive waste solidification, high-level waste (HLW), radioactive waste.


Rykunova A. A., Schmidt O. V., Kashcheev V. A., Shadrin A. Yu., Fayrushina L. R., Makeeva I. R. HLW Volume Calculation Algorithm. Radioactive Waste, 2024, no. 2 (27), pp. 18—25. DOI: 10.25283/2587- 9707-2024-2-18-25. (In Russian).

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